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    Database and Email notification


      I am currently developing a lead generation database for our company. I've figured how to create a database with Flash builder. The only obstacle remaining s how to create create a email notification option.So our sales people can be notified when somebody fills out our database form online.Is this possible? Any help will be appreciated.

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          SpaghettiCoder Level 3

          What do you mean you created a database with Flash builder...?


          In any case, We have a flex app that emails us anytime a user uploads a file.  Logic or implementation should be somewhat the same if you wanted it to email you if someone filled out a form.


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            Go ahead and post the code for sending out e-mails ... many more people than just the original poster may be interested. I know I am.



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              SpaghettiCoder Level 3

              Logic would work like this.


              User fills out form online.


              User hits submit, data gets packaged and sent to server.


              It hits your middleware, your middleware takes that info and does a sql insert into database.


              After that sql insert into the database, just simply add your email logic.


              Instantiate a mail object;


              $mail = new Mailer();


              Fill in the proper variables;


              Then send your mail;




              If you have one sales person then it's pretty straight forward.


              if you have more than one sales person then you'll need to make a database call get a array of sales people


              loop through the array and send a email to each one of them.



              front end : flex

              server : apache

              middle : php

              back : mysql

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                reidabel Level 1

                Thank you for the example, though I was thinking more along the lines of:


                1. user fills out form in FB application

                2. user clicks submit button

                3a. storing of data to database as you outlined occurs

                3b. FB sends an e-mail out to one or more addresses and includes appropriate information from the form


                So, sending the e-mail from the client rather than the middle or back end. (I'm not using the same middle/back end that you are)


                Is this even possible? If so, any suggestions on how to do it? Perhaps this functionality is outside of the sandbox we're allowed to play in ...


                Thank you ...

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                  SpaghettiCoder Level 3

                  I don't believe it's possible to send email with Flex app, I would certainly hope it's not possible.


                  Could you imagine the possible issues with that, you visit a site, that site gets your computer to email 1,000,0000 people.  Sounds like one of those zombie virus spam networks...


                  What middle/back do you use?

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                    reidabel Level 1



                    I see your point ...


                    I'm using Delphi 2007 to create web services in the middle and Oracle 10g on the back end. Probably not a configuration used by very many people, I would guess!

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                      SpaghettiCoder Level 3

                      It really doesn't matter what DB you use.  You would only need a select statement if you have multiple sales ppl to loop through, but if you only have one email that needs to go out, you can just hardcode that into your middle.  Come to think of it you can hardcode multiple sales ppl in your middle.


                      Did a quick search on google for "how to email with delphi"


                      9,130,000 results


                      so delphi looks fine, most middle should be able to.

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                        reidabel Level 1

                        Yes, I'm sure Delphi can do anything I need it to, it always has in the 15 or so years that I've been using it. Also, I've done e-mailing from VB6 before, at a previous job.


                        I actually jumped into this thread only because I thought I might find out how to e-mail from FB, I actually don't even need to do it (at this point). So thanks for the information and help.