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    changes to code don't show up in the swf, not even trace statements.

    amolmittal Level 1

      I just took over a clients flex project and I can't  get the app to reflect even a simple trace statement.


      Before I took over, the project was last successfully built using the  Flash Builder Beta 2 environment/sdk. I have the latest release version  of Flash Builder 4.


      Upon importing the project into FB4, I got a ton of errors.  Most of  them mostly because of the changes made to the sdk from beta2 to  release.

      Some of the things I corrected:

      - mx namespace from library://ns.adobe.com/flex/halo to  library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx

      - video player skinning:  a lot of the state names for the video player  component had been changed, more required states had been added.  also  there were other video related component and property names that had to  be updated.


      But I fixed all that and the application was finally able to compile  (although with some warnings mostly of the duplicate variable type)

      The only thing now is that whatever change I make to the project  doesn't get reflected in the build (debug or release).  I changed  existing traces, added additional traces. Nothing shows up.  I even  removed the applicationComplete property in the main.mxml.  Everything  still ran like nothing changed.


      Also I can't seem to debug the app.  Whenever I try to debug.. flash  builder says.. "Swf Application doesn't contain the required debugging information ... "


      Anyone have any idea how I need to even begin tackling all this? Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.