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    External Monitor

    tclark513 Level 3



      How are you guys previewing HDV on an external HDTV Monitor?


      The only options in preferences that I have are:


      Computer Monitor only

      IEEE 1394 (OHCI Compliant)


      Is there a way like Premiere and Encore does it where you can use your second monitor?

      I am using a GTX285 and Premiere and Encore Preview fine through the second output source on the card.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No, AE has no built-in HDMI preview. For that you still need cards from BMD or AJA... Well, you can always hope for CS6. In the meantime, file a feature request:





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            david van brink Level 1

            Old thread, but I Second the Emotion.


            My scenario:


            My trusty laptop hooked up to a video projector ("second monitor"). I was doing the AE comp final alignment on-site, to project onto a sculptural surface. Tragically, for each tiny adjustment, had to use the Time Preview, in full screen. I had a comp viewer on the "second monitor" but it wasn't true full-screen mode, so it didnt really line up quite the same as the Time Preview.


            Would *love* to use plain old second monitor as a video preview device!