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    Workflow using HDV


      Hello - I'm in a class where we are ussing FinaCut pro, but now we are adding effects in AE.  I have this new camer that FC pro pulls of MOV files from and they are nice a fat. 1900x1080. They load fine into AE, but are a pain to scrub through and render. I'd be happy to work with them at half the size but I was curious what you all recommend to get them down to that size?  Maybe 740x425 ish.  Would you export from FCP this size and if so, what codec would you use? Would you pull them into AS and precompile or something? Other ideas?  I've heard that we want to stay away from re-exporting as much as possible, which is why I tried to bring in the raw files first.


      Thanks a bunch


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          Export them as ProRes. You can even keep it in full HD. The resolution should not be a problem just when scrubbing unless the computer is really old.... Only effects and such will of course take their toll. If you downsize it, it doesn't realyl matter where you do it, you just need to take care of fields and pixel aspect ratios and all that. 740x425 is not a standard resolution. That's only calling for trouble. Instead use a proper NTSC or PAL widescrreen preset with square pixels.



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            richardprice65 Level 1

            Good to know I am on the right track. At first my test wasn't rendering video at all and I thought it was the default ProRes that FCP was pulling from the camera. Then I realized that the layers got set to be guilde layers. Man, that only took 2 hours to realize.


            So, I've been battling this format issue. Have you seen any good explanations about the various "dewfault size from 1920x1080(my camera outputs) on down through the ranges around 1440, 1280, 960, 720, etc. etc. I'm looking for a good simple overview or cheat sheat with what I should be shooting for. Maybe i'll make one up. But then I get confused when the square pixel thing comes into play(is it only when targeted for screen and not TV??). Would you happen to have know of any write ups on this?


            Thanks for getting me on the right track!



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              > But then I get confused when the square pixel thing comes into play(is it only when targeted for screen and not TV??). Would you happen to have know of any write ups on this?



              Square pixels are for all computer monitors and many (but not all) high-definition formats. There's a table with common pixel aspect ratios for various formats here:

              "Common pixel aspect ratios"

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                Check these help links:


                Footage Interpretation


                Scaling Footage




                Generally keep in mind, that you can mix&match different source footages based on AE's automatic interpretation rules, as long as you set the interpretation right - a 1440x1080 HDV wit ha 1.333 PAR clip will fit into a 1920x1080 composition with a square PAR and AE will automatically unstretch it. The same works in reverse, but keep in mind that this really only covers standard resolutions. When you work with custom sizes, AE can't help you out, you will have to find your own settings and you'll have to use the fit to comp options or stretching & cropping in the output modules. Generally you should be save, though - 1280x720 is just a smaller HD format and the odd aspect ratio of HDV or HDCAM is merely owed to their compression. Essentially, though, all proper HD is square pixels. For PAL and NTSC SD it's the other way around - for TV and DVD they always use anamorphic, but you may work in square opixelks and nest your comps for final rendering.



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                  Thanks guys. Sorry, I've been busy with finals. Wow, the plot thicken. I guess I'll have to figure out a few common workflows with my footage and map them out on various devices and in various composition formats. One thing I hit since starting this thread was that I really wanted to be editing in something aroud DVCPRO size or less around 700. I'd be doing this for smaller projects where I really didn't care about full HD output in the end, maybe for web or mobile. I keep hearing a book suggestion about reallign watching how many times one "saves" or compresses and I really didn't want to reduce down to that range and miss out on having all my pixels around for further manipulation, especially in AE.


                  Thanks again. This is perfect. I'll post back after the semester is over if I have troubles mapping out some practical working sizes, etc.




                  PS - for some reason I am not getting the email notifications that replies have been made, thus the delay in replying too.