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    Navigation looks find in IE & Firefox but not Safari. Help please?a




      I am fairly new to the website design world. I just created a website for a college class . I got the site to look great in Internet Explorer and FireFox but for some reason I am having a problem with Safari.


      I am a mac user so I really want my site to run good in Safari. The problem lies with the navigation menu. As I said it looks good in other browsers but in Safari it appears to be longer than the rest of my page. I have tried to change everything I can thing of to get it to fit within the page. I tried specifying the #nav width, I tried changing it to auto. Before I added the scroll over drop down menu, it was fine. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong?


      Side note: When I magnify the page in safari I can eventually get the navigation to fit within the page...


      Take a look. http://www.calihanchiropractic.com/


      I am using CS3 & CS4. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get this to fit within my page?