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    After Effects CS5 Trial

    AbsoluteJackProductions Level 1

      I tried to download the trial of CS5. I had to pause it very quickly because I wanted to delete my version of CS4 quickly (bad move, darned stupidity). And now, I can't un-pause the download on the trial. And I really, really am dieing to try out this rotobrush tool . Anyways, I probably could ask or look on another document on the site, but sorry, I had to ask.


      Thanks all, much help is appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Just re-initiate it? Not sure what you are asking. The download manager is able to detect partial downloads and resume...



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            AbsoluteJackProductions Level 1

            Tried, this still does not work. I even deleted the little bit of file that it had already downloaded before I paused it. And all this did was cause it to say 'Waiting', and not even start the download at all. I've deleted every last file that it downloaded, and it still won't restart the download. I'm dieing to try CS5 out. Thanks for trying to help though...


            And to answer what my trouble was in the first place, it was that I had paused the download, but the downloaded was not allowing me to resume it. Strange, I have no idea why, whenever I clicked the 'Play' button, it wouldn't do a thing.



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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Did you uninstal lthe Akamai Downloader from your Programs and Features system panel? also, the program may cache additional data in its program folder and your user Temp folder. Cleaning it out may help. Also try to create a new user account and start the download from there...



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                ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Jack, following up here to say if you or other folks are still having difficulties with the Akamai Download Manager, you may find it easier to just use the Adobe CS5 direct download links for After Effects and all other CS5 products...  Still hearing reports of people not being able to get the trial software so hopefully this helps.


                If you need to restore your previous version of After Effects CS4, or still have a Windows XP or a 32-bit system that can't yet use After Effects CS5, you can also redownload the CS4 software if you like.