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    I am steaming - Thru CS3 - CS4 and now CS5 Fireworks is crap


      All through CS3, CS4 and now CS5 Fireworks on 3 different machines Windows XP, Windows Vista and now Windows 7... simply is a crappily written app. And I have been using Fireworks since Macromedia and these problems have only appeared from Adobe.


      Is it to drive folks to Photoshop? After working on it for about 30 min you get 'low on memory' 'internal error'... it is unconscionable that an application that is so expensive can be written so appallingly. And when you run through the forums you just get tons of complaints about the shoddy code at Adobe.


      All of the computers are stacked with 4GB, this one has 16GB on a blazingly fast Phenom Black but that's not the killer... no other app crashes. Not the little $5 dollar apps, not anything. It is so frustrating. Can't someone buy this place and straighten it out!!! Macromedia was known for ridiculously great code and features.


      Had anyone solved this problem... I here if you login in as Donald Duck it might go away. What kind of nonsense is that?





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          I agree. FW went bye bye since Adobe too charge. Adobe is becoming like any other nasdaq company out there. they forget the costumers, what's important are the share holders and funky road-shows that demonstrate how good there products are and how you can do this and that with just sneezing on the keyboard... ye right.


          It's a monopoly and you just have to live with it or leave this industry. it's becoming worse by the version. I wish software products where regulated somehow like cars and other machines. Software products must go through some sort of a benchmark test like cars so people can know what to expect. For instance, if I knew FW CS5 got a 3 star rating I wouldn't upgrade, I mean changed (I hate the word upgrade).


          Well, enough for now, back to my crash and burn CS3.



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            There are trials for all the CS5 applications. Try it and if you don't like it, don't buy it. Simple enough.

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              xgarth Level 1

              Tiny - are you kidding me? That's your response. The obligation is mine? You must work for Toyota or your a litigation lawyer. The vendor has a responsibility to deliver a product and does what he claims it will do. In other words if it has a feature that says 'copy' it should copy - not the buyer must ensure every feature works before you buy. What are we? A part of the beta test?


              Listen I get it. I can only rant here. The 'disclaimer' actually says "if this product does not deliver on ANY feature...." go bang your head on a wall. I know I can't do anything because 'software' disclaimers can actually go beyond an 'auto' or 'tv' disclaimer.


              IT SHOULD NOT BE SO!


              It's shoddy software and it should do what they say it's going to do in the environment they say it will do it...


              Tiny, I am very disappointed in you and your mother is upset with you too...

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                don't get so steamy. I am on your side and I actually met Adobe marketing VP in Australia and told him that his CS ****, mmm I mean suite is worthless on a Mac at least. He couldn't care less. They don't fix things they market "upgrades" so idiots like you and me will keep on spending. I for instance use Adobe and Macromedia products since mid 90s' and I must say that nothing has changed for me since FW3 or 4 and Photosop 5.5. Illustrator should always stayed simple but they managed to make it so fat it barely moves. Flash also became something it wasn't intended for and it's days are numbered by HTML5. Adobe Acrobat? you must be kidding. I still don't know what the F this is all about. and so on and so on....


                You will grow out of it eventually like I did. It doesn't worth it. Believe me. Just "upgrade" if you must have some feature. I think DW and Flash are the only products that need to be upgraded because of the industry it's linked to (web). the rest are just tools that still do what they did 10 years ago. they are only "integrated" now.


                There are other tools you can use, not many but there are or simply don't upgrade!!! this is the best way for you and I to tell Adobe what we think.