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    How do I add numeric values as text in XML??




      So, I've developed a 3d carousel using this tutorial and the  XML, and customized the XML in Dreamweaver.


      Now,  I've got the carousel set up exactly the way I would like, but the only  trouble, is how do I add numeric values as the text for the xml file???

      Here's an example to the working carousel and where text is loaded for each item on it.  (put your sound on mute if you don't want to hear the video)



      For  example, in my XML, if I would like the text to be "3d images", when I  export the FLA, only "d images" comes through because the numeric  values can't be added as the text for the tooltip.


      Does anyone  have any ideas?


      Here is an example of how the XML is loaded into  the .swf - the text loads great, but just not the numeric characters.


      The  same story can be said for special characters, I would like to know how  to add a "&" sign too.




      <icon  image="images/Subsalt_E_P_Partnerships.png" tooltip="3D Images"  content="Text Copy.">




      Any  help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.