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    Data Binding


      Hi .... This is definitely a newbie question ... assistance appreciated.


      I am having no problems getting data to preview properly, either using xml sample data or an ole connection to a database.   I am guessing that for distribution where the data "travels" with the pdf  (i.e. does not have a live connection to a server) there is an ability to make that happen. Checking the data binding in the Object Palette confirms the binding ....


      But I can't figure out how to get the data to preview when I leave the LiveCycle Designer Environment and open up the pdf independently.  The simple idea is to bind the data for email distribution to recipients who will then update the existing content and return for manual re-import into the original database.


      This is so newbie that it would seem like something easily found on the web or in books, but I'm not finding it anywhere including the Adobe Press book I purchased on LiveCycle Design. 


      Any help would be appreciated ... thank you .