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    BitmapData.draw problem due to security

    kevc0722 Level 1

      As another thread has posted, there seems to be a problem for BitmapData.draw on the Stratus server.

      After connecting to the Stratus server, drawing any part of the UIComponents will be stopped by a security alert.

      Event after disconnecting to Stratus, the problem still exist.  The only time when BitmapData.draw worked is when

      the application just lunched and havn't connect to Stratus yet.


      I've found another thread in the LCCS forum discussing the same problem, and it seems that over there they found a solution.

      Just wondering of Stratus will apply the same fix or do we have to wait until the new edition of FMS to have this fixed.

      Thanks in advance


      The LCCS forum thread discussing this problem: