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    How to Build a Flex App that works with both SQLite and MySQL?


      Let me explain a bit: I am developing an app that will

      be published as an AIR application using SQLite, as well as a FLEX application that will use MyDSQL via web services.


      I want to develop both applications in such a way that all the components can be reused, and I only have to do minimal redevelopment. I have started witht the AIR application. Once I have it completed, I want to publish the application (with minimal redevelopment) as a FLEX web app.


      My thinking is that I contain the database accesses in the Application, and passing the data via interfaces to the respective modules, as well as receiving data from the modules back to the Application to be written to the database. This was the only changes between the FLEX and the AIR application will be how the database access is handled in the Application file, and I can leave all modules as is and will be able to maximize reusability,


      I haven't done this before, and was wondering what the best approach for this is?