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    Filenames automatically being shortened... why?


      I am trying to fix an annoying little problem that I've been dealing with for months but haven't taken the time to deal with until now:


      Sometimes I upload PDFs to a website and make links to them. My client prefers that I leave the file names alone. Sometimes, they're a little long, such as this:




      but, rather annoyingly, Dreamweaver shortens it to this when I link it up:




      This happens for almost every file unless the name is quite short. It's a HUGE problem, because when I upload everything, the links are showing up as broken because the links have all been automatically shortened.




      In order to make it work, I have to type it in myself, which is an enormous waste of time - especially when you have 20 or 25 files to post. Is there any way to turn this extremely irritating "feature" off??