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    Problems synchronizing FTP in DW CS5



      I'm having an issue synchronizing files to a remote FTP server in DreamWeaver CS5. Files upload OK, but whenever I ask it to synchronize sitewide it wants to upload the ENTIRE site (4000+ files!) Obviously missing the entire point... I've tried the steps listed in the knowledgebase in this article: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/405/kb405835.html to no avail.


      Please help if you can!




      Oh, also I'm running Windows 7 (64-bit)... if that matters.

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          I am having the EXACT same problem if I right click on a file on the remote server and click "get" DW tries to download the ENTIRE site not just that one file... it only works if I drag the file across remote and local, which is a bother is I am only using 1 window!


          this does NOT happen if I right click on a file on my local machine and click "get", only on the remote server.


          I am also using windows 7 64bits but this also happens on Windows 7 32 bits


          UPDATE and possible fix;


          in my case I had several sites that pointed to a sub-folder inside a root of one of my sites and this seem to cause that behavior, I changed each site to its own folder on my local machine and it seems to be working now hope it helps!


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