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    Problem with FocusManager in IE

    Flex Questions

      Hi there!

      I have an Flex Application (Flex 3.5, Flashplayer 10).

      When I activate an Application on my PC and then go back to the browser, the last focused Component gets the focus back in Firefox. When I use the IE 8 Browser, this doesn't work.

      After some studies i found the property browserMode in the FocusManager, which is initalized like that:

      browserMode = Capabilities.playerType == "ActiveX" && !popup;

      With IE, this property gets true.


      Now there is also the Focus activate Handler Method:


      private function activateHandler(event:Event):void
      //        var target:InteractiveObject = InteractiveObject(event.target);
              // trace("FM " + this + " activateHandler ", _lastFocus);
              // restore focus if this focus manager had last focus
              if (_lastFocus && !browserMode)
              lastAction = "ACTIVATE";


      So, its clear, why it won't work in IE. But I don't see the reason, why Adobe denied the FocusEvent in IE.


      And my second question: How can I solve it? I created a custom FocusManager and assigned it to the Application, but that don't work. It seems, there is another FocusManager instance responsible for that.


      Thanks in advance!