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    A problem while using Flash with xml



      I made an earlier post about this but wasn't clear, so here are the details & hopefully someone can help

      I wanted to make a news slideshow for my websiteBut I keep getting this error :

      Error opening URL 'file:///F|/files/undefined'

      I think there is something wrong with the xml structure, I've changed it many times but still the same error.


      The link below have both the .fla file & the Xml file.

      Would be really nice if someone could tell me what's wrong & thanks for your time.

      The Link : http://hotfile.com/dl/42252711/2daa8da/News.rar.html

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          popzorz Level 1

          So shall I give up?

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            bemdesign Level 4

            To me it suggests that whatever the function is that's supposed to get the XML is looking for a hard link (notice the file path in the error) as opposed to a file path relative to the SWF link. Also the "undefined" suggests that the object you're calling for imay be undefined (i.e. Flash has no data about it and therefore can't do anything with it). This is likely the URL string you're passing to the function that's supposed to retrieve the XML. Double check that and make sure the variable for the URL string is defined before the function that needs it calls for it. Hope this helps you troubleshoot whats happening.