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    Problems with Zoom Out speed.


      Hi all;


      This is a problem from a long time ago I have not been able to resolve.


      My project is a sequence with still pictures aplying pan & zoom.(I use Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, but the problem is in any version)


      The problem is that when I use a zoom out with a picture from, let´s say, 500% to 100%, the zoom gets accelerated at the time the scale is nearing the 100%.

      That is, the speed of the zoom effect is not continuos and progressive, does not go smoothly, but exponential and with  increasing  speed as the timeline goes.


      You can probe it with any picture you have.



      I have tried changing the keyframe interpolation method (bezier, ease out,....) but nothing really works in the nice way other programs do the zoom out effect.


      Other programs (and videos I have seen)  do the zoom out and it in a continuos and smoothly way, without accelerations.

      Maybe the problem is the extreme change from 500% to 100% , related to the pixel size of the picture, but a program like adobe premiere should not work in this way.


      It would be very king of you if you could help me, thank you in advance.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          If you wish a perfectly linear Zoom, do not use any of the Velocity Keyframes, like Bezier, as they will alter the Velocity. You will want regular Keyframes, which will look like perfectly straight lines with sharp points at the Keyframe. On the Velocity graph, you should see a Velocity of 100%. Does that not work?


          Also, where are you observing the Zoom? Have you Rendered the Timeline, if observing in the Program Monitor?


          As I usually do want basically an Ease-Out, Ease-In, I will use Bezier (of one flavor or another), and likely adjust my Velocity by hand.


          Good luck,



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            ANROIZ Level 1




            Thank you for your response.


            The acceleration is allways present, no matter the interpolation method.


            In the lineal interpolation, without modifying the speed (constant), the acceleration is allways present, you can check it with any picture, just zoom out from 500% to 100%.


            And it happens , no matter if rendered or not.