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    'Save as pdf' and nothing happens?!?



      I encountered a problem with saving PDF from Illustrator files. I open/create an Illustrator *.ai file and when I choose 'Save as' it seems nothing happens.

      However when I press 'Enter' a PDF with the default options is saved. Now I would like to change these options, but how without seeing the dialog? It happens with all my files (several/one artboards, different color  modes,etc...) I have tried everything to get my dialog back but no chance!

      This is what I have tried:Rebooting, ReInstalling Illustrator, ReInstalling Destiller, ReInstalling the whole Design Suite

      System: Win7, CS4.

      Any help is appreciated!

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          The dialog box is outside the screen. You may increase the screen resolution, drag it to the centre, and reduce the resolution again. There is another way I am trying to remember.


          Ah, there it was: Harron normally says it: Move (or hit M) and use your arrow  keys to move the  dialog box back on  screen.