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    Elements is inteferring with playback of AVCHD footage with Windows Media Player


      I recently downloaded a trial version of Elements.


      As soon as I installed this, I started having problems with playing ACVHD mts files in Windows Media Player. Whereas I have never had trouble playing these files in Windows Media Player before, after installing Elements the footage suffers from significant stuttering and the sound drops in and out.  Interestingly, the footage continues to work perfectly in VLC and in Pixela ImageMixer. There is also no problem with AVI-DV footage.


      As soon as I unistalled Elements the problem disappeared. I have replicated this several times by reinstalling an uninstalling Elements.


      Can anyone explain why this could be happening? I am running Vista Busiess. My video camera is the Cannon Legria HF20, and I captured the footage using the supplied ImageMixer 3 software.


      Unlike Windows 7, I don't believe that Vista has native support for AVCHD, and the only reason I can play AVCHD footage is because I have ImageMixer software installed (which came with the camera). Could there be some conflict between this software and Elements?


      Any help would be appreciated. I am really tearing my hair out.


      Update: I have also noticed that the same problem occurs in Windows Live Movie Maker when I install Elements.