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    MiniTOC does not appear in translated source file


      RoboHelp 8.0.2

      WebHelp Output


      I added a miniTOC placeholder to three of my topics. This is the first time I am using the placeholder.


      The English WebHelp project was sent for translation to French Canadian. I received the source project and noticed that the placeholder does not appear in the source file. Therefore, when I compile the output the miniTOC does not appear.


      The translation company is using the latest version of RoboHelp, but I am not sure what tool they use to translate.


      I have no clue how to resolve this issue. Sample code and screens are listed below.




      English Source


      <h1><a name="Top"></a>Working with Web Ordering</h1>
      <p&gt;This topic explains how to generate and maintain NAPA and Factory orders.
      (Special orders and Non NAPA orders will be available in a future release).
      You perform these tasks on the <span style="font-weight: bold;">Order
      Maintenance</span> page. This topic assumes you have launched <span style="font-weight: bold;">Order
      Maintenance</span> from the TAMS II Landing Page or selected <span style="font-weight: bold;">Inventory
      &gt; Web Ordering</span&gt; from TAMS II BackOffice.</p&gt;
      <p>See: <span style="font-weight: bold;">TAMS II Web Interface Overview
      </span&gt;<span&gt;topic</span&gt; for instructions on common functionality such
      as sorting data.</p&gt;
      <?rh-placeholder type="minitoc" ph-style="font-family:Arial;font-size:10pt;font-weight: bold;font-style: normal;text-decoration: none;"
      list-type="ul" list-style="circle" caption="Topic Contents" caption-style="font-family:Arial;font-size:11pt;font-weight: bold;font-style: normal;text-decoration: underline;"
      margin=";;0px;1px" min-heading-level="h2" max-heading-level="h2" flags="7" ?>


      <h2>Adding a New Order</h2>
      <p&gt;Follow these instructions to create a new purchase order:</p&gt;

      French Source


      h1&gt;<a name="Top"&gt;</a&gt;Utiliser le module de commande en ligne</h1&gt;
      <p&gt;Cette rubrique explique comment créer et gérer des commandes NAPA et
      d'envoi direct. (Les commandes spéciales seront disponibles dans une version
      future.) Ces tâches sont effectuées à partir de l'écran <span style="font-weight: bold;"&gt;Gestion
      des commandes</span&gt;. Cette rubrique suppose que l'utilisateur est connecté
      et que la <span style="font-weight: bold;"&gt;Gestion des commandes</span&gt;
      a été lancée à partir de la page de renvoi de TAMS&#160;II. </p&gt;
      <p&gt;Voir&#160;: La rubrique <span style="font-weight: bold;"&gt;Survol de l'interface
      Web de TAMS&#160;II</span&gt; pour des instructions sur les fonctions courantes
      comme le tri des données.</p&gt;

      <h2&gt;Ajouter une nouvelle commande</h2&gt;
      <p&gt;Suivre les instructions ci-dessous pour créer un nouveau bon de commande&#160;:</p&gt;