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    problem with loading a slide show SWF file

    David Mok Level 1
      I run into a problem while loading an external
      movie, which is an SWF (test.swf) containing
      5 keyframes, labeled sequentially, as 1,
      2, 3, 4, 5, like a slide show.

      My code is as the following:

      this.createEmptyMovieClip("show_swf", 0);
      loadMovie("test.swf", show_swf); //load file
      trace(show_swf._totalframes); // the number is 1.

      The file is loaded, but only frame 1 is shown.
      I can not move to other keyframes by using
      show_swf.nextFrame(), or show_swf.gotoAndStop(Number).
      Actually, when I traced the value of
      show_swf._totalframes, it gave me a number 1,
      instead of 5 that is actually in test.swf.

      What did I do wrong?