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    Basic hardware to run b-roll into switcher?

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      Ok, this is the teacher writing this time ;-)  Long story short here:


      My school was trying to get a tricaster to film sporting events, graduation, etc.  Our budget wouldn't allow for it just now so we've basically made a 1995 version of a homemade tricaster.  It works quite well but required a lot of tinkering to get it to go from digital to analog back to digital and then out to streaming.  I'm assuming the setup is not that important so I won't go into details.  Just understand that we have a 3-camera system in place which will be steaming live to the web and also archived.


      What I'm wanting to know now is which equipment would be best to run some pre-recorded/edited b-roll from into our circa 1995 Videonics switcher to use along with the live video?


      If I use something like a laptop, how would I get the video to feed in straight without the heads up display of say a Windows Media player or something like that?


      Of course, we could use something like a VCR but I'd obviously prefer to keep the b-roll clips digital.


      We have a lot of random equipment lying around the school from former teachers, etc.  We have some money in the budget but not a ton ($2,000-3,000?) so we're hoping to get something setup fairly easily and on the cheap side of things.


      I'd love to hear some best practices for this sort of thing considering our circumstances.


      THANK YOU!