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    Roll/Crawl flickering

    Admiral Cook Level 1

      In CS5 when you create roll/crawl titles there is no way to remove flickering?


      I've tried with Field Options but no luck.


      In CS4 there was no need to do anything. It was ok with default options.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Where are you seeing this flickering, the Program Monitor, or after Export?


          If in playback, have you Rendered the Title, by pressing Enter? Note: you can restrict the Render to the Title with the WAB (Work Area Bar), but remember to reset it to the full Timeline, before doing an Export.


          Good luck,



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            Admiral Cook Level 1

            Yes, the Title is rendered.


            Flickering appears in Program Monitor and also external LCD (DV output via firewire/DV recorder).


            While in pause it looks perfect, but not in playback.


            CS4 worked with no problems.

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              Admiral Cook Level 1

              More ideas?



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                You are not the only one with this problem.  It looks to me like fields are not being applied to the titles.  Therefore, they are illegible.


                At the best of times, side crawls have been questionable, but in this release, unusable.


                We are using 1920x1080 HD 50i.  Issue is on all monitors.  Rendered or unredndered.

                I have noticed on my output, that when I force apply fields to the clip on the timeline, it dissapears completeley.  Is it possible that it is only being generated on one field, rather than both.  THis would explain the jitter.


                Currently, we are having to export the credits for our current production, from an older suite with CS4, before we master the shows.


                Hopefully one of the Adobe guys will wade in any time now.....

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                  Andy T2 Adobe Employee

                  Unfortunately, the unsmooth rendering of moving titles (including Rolls and Crawls) in some sequence types was a known issue in the original version of Premiere Pro CS5. Fortunately, however, we did fix this issue in our 5.0.2 update, which is available now. I compared motion renders in a 1080/50i HDV sequence using both CS4.2.1 and CS5.0.2, and found no difference. Have you tried applying the update to CS5? Give it a try and let us know if there is still a problem. If you are still seeing a problem in 5.0.2, any additional details, such as the origination and output formats, would be welcome. Thanks.


                  -- Andy

                  -- Premiere Pro Team

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Welcome to the forum!


                    Todd warned mentioned to us, that some Adobe folk might be dropping by.


                    Thank you for your comments. That does save a lot of time, trying to troubleshoot things, that might have been fixed in the update.






                    PS - @ the OP, please let us know if the update fixes this for you, please.


                    PPS - @ Andy, if you stop by The Lounge, do NOT eat the Yoodles, and the Rolling Rock, in that noisy 'fridge, belongs to Jeff...

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                      Admiral Cook Level 1

                      Just wanted to let you know, this has been fixed in 5.0.2.


                      So it was bug, which is gone now.

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                        CHROMAKEYER Level 1

                        Thanks for the heads up.  For a whole 13 episodes we had to render the credits out using CS4.  Not my favourite part of the week.


                        I appreciate the feedback. I'll check for the update now.