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    Retrieving processVariableValues


      Is there a way to retrieve processVariableValues for a task that is not associated with the currently logged in user?


      I am doing a task search using a filter and retrieving all tasks (not specific to logged in user) as such:


      TaskManagerQueryService queryManager = TaskManagerClientFactory.getQueryManager(myFactory);

      TaskSearchFilter taskSearchFilter = new TaskSearchFilter();



      List<TaskRow> result = queryManager.taskSearch(taskSearchFilter);


      I am then looping through the results and trying to retrieve the processVariableValues for each task.




      However, this only works for the currently logged in user (as defined in my connection properties when creating my ServiceClientFactory instance).  If the task is not associated to the logged in user I receive the following error:

      "#UserName cannot load ProcessVariableValues for Task: #TaskNumber because they do not have permissions to claim this task."


      My requirements dictate that I need to list all tasks for all users, including some information stored as a process variable.  Similar to the "Process List" in the "LiveCycle Process Management ES2" UI.


      Is there a better way to achieve my needs?