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    List of 4,000 fonts???? not scrolling through list


      I have a library of about 4,000 fonts that I've accumulated to over the years.. I usually write a word out and scroll with my keypad down all the fonts starting with the first and setting aside combinations that interest me.  With CS5 i can't get my list to scroll all the way through, it will go through a few and then find a font that shows up as _________ (blank) and then automatically go to the very bottom of the list. I've tried starting my search around leter D and scrolling down but again same problem.  My photoshop cs3 does not do this, it lets me see every single one, as I could scroll through in photoshop and then individually scroll down with my mouse and pick the same font but that is very counter-productive.  I've double checked my font library through my windows explorer and it all shows up... 4,005 to be exact... why is Illustrator 5 doing this?  Does anybody know a way around this?  Is it just a bug with the new CS5?  Anybody experiencing the same problems???


      Very Annoyed Designer