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    Unwanted Conditions Applied by RH 8


      Hi all,


      We recently upgraded to RoboHelp 8, as part of the TCS2 package. RH is updated to 8.0.2. We are in a Windows XP (SP 3) PC environment.


      We use a lot of topic and text level conditioning. We have run into just a few tables in each of our key projects where RoboHelp is adding a previously-used condition to headings and table cells that are assigned a different condition. We cannot remove the 2nd, unwanted condition using RoboHelp design view. If we remove the second condition in HTML view, RoboHelp reinserts it when we return to Design view.


      For example, assume text in a table is conditioned "1." At the end of the table, there is a condition closing tag for each condition opening tag.


      After the table conditioned 1, there is a Heading 4 (or whatever) that precedes another table. The heading and the following table are conditioned "2." After migration to RH 8, the heading 4 text and the table are conditioned "2,1" - altough no author added condition 1. If we remove the ",1" in HTML view, it returns as soon as we return to Design view.


      The only way we can fix is to replace all the damaged content with no copying and pasting from RoboHelp.


      Any ideas?