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    RoboHelp HTML X5: Merged help not displaying ToC

    sof tek com

      Hi All:


      Hoping someone can help me here.


      I have been generating merged help for some time now w/o problems. But got this problem today after compiling a particular project after a 15-month gap. When I compiled the parent/master project, the ToC displayed the child projects and the Information Bar displayed the following message:


      "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this  file from showing active content that could access your computer. Click  here for options..."


      I ignored the message and clicked the child projects to check if they displayed correctly. Each child project opened new instance of IE - this has not happened before. The last time I complied this parent project, everything worked fine and child projects opened within the same browser instance.


      Secondly, when I right-clicked the Information Bar message and chose to Allow Blocked Content, the ToC disappeared.


      Just in case this is relevant, my employer replaced all our PCs last month and all software had to be reinstalled.


      Could this be because of the new version of IE? (My old machine may have had an older version.) Or the fact that I have not installed the updates to Robohelp X5? (I keep getting the message that the Macromedia server is down.) I have not activated the product yet either.

      Would appreciate any advice/clues.


      Thanks in advance