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    Ps Elements 6 - Editor not working

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      First, I want to describe my frustration. I've been surfing Abode's site for more than 60 minutes trying to figure out how to access the contact support, by email rather than phone. It's very  common for any manufacturer to have an email contact customer support. After more than an hour I figured out that the forums are the way used here. But the site's support instructions don't explain that at all.


      The site provides a lot of buttons and support options that are all useless for issues that require contact, those that the knowledge base is not likely to cover. "Online Help" option in PsE's support page redirects me to a guide page that looks like a user manual, that's not what I need at all to solve the problem I have got. The other elements on the page are written common issues without a contact support option. The "Contact Adobe" page contains 2 scroll down menus for problem definition, but they weirdly do not open any contact form. There is a phone support number but it's irrelevant. The instructions below the 2 scroll down menus suggest going to the "Adobe support programs" page which leads to the PoE support page I was talking about. The final option in the contact page is this:


      "For faster service:

      You must register your software to get product support. Register now"


      But dumbly, when I try to register my product it refuses reporting back that my product is already registered. Okay, what next? There is nothing left to do at the page!




      Okay, here is the issue. I have installed PhotoShop Elements 6 from a disc that came with my Genius graphics tablet (does this make any sense?). Using Windows 7. The system requirements are doubtlessly met. The video card is ATI Radeon HD 5770. The program was installed properly. When I run it and choose the Editor, PhotoShop refuses to run it, and this error message pops up:



      What does this mean? What other information do I need to provide in order to solve the problem? And who should I contact? Will it be solved here in this forum?