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    how to make Reset button in flash catalsy





      I am current designing my final project in flash catalsy. I have 11 pages and 24 stages. In this project, the uses will have 6 different rounts to browse the site. At the moment I am trying to create a restart button, so that the user can go back to the first page and rebrowse through the pages in different rount agian. However, at the moment, I can send the user back to the begining page, but when they rebrowse throught the pages, the already choised opionion came up rather than  the new flash rounts avaiaible.


      can anyone help me please?

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          Tara Jane Feener Level 3


          So it sounds like when you go back to your initial state, you also have to reset the states of the various 'route' components.

          In the Timeline panel, in the list on the left hand side, type in the name of your initial state.

          You should be able to see a list of all the combinations of states, going from "some" state to your "initial" state.

          Click one of these items, and then select an item you'd like to reset on the artboard.

          Click 'add action', then 'set component state', and pick the default component state you'd like the component to reset to.

          You'll have to repeat this for each ("some state -> initial state") in the timelines list, but this should do the trick.

          This is one way of doing it, if I can think of a better/easier solution I'll post here.

          Let me know if this works for you or if you have any additional questions.



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            reset721 Level 1

            Hi Tara,


            Thanks you very much! It works very well. I found you can also change it from your inital stage to "someother stage" as well. You have to select the linked component graphic.


            Thanks so much again!

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              Hi there,


              I imported a file for ordering pizza online into flash catalyst and am trying to create a reset button to start the ordering process over. I read the previous posts on this topic and attempted to "set the component state" but that option under the "add action" menu is greyed out for me. I have tried it on all of my button components (including my toggle and radio buttons) and it is still greyed out. I don't know where to go from here.