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    Reader 9.3.2 crashes when using search & closing bookmarks pane


      I have some PDFs that were created with the Bookmarks pane left open -- i.e. the Bookmarks pane is open every time I open the file. That means the actual page display is too small to read.  I can close the Bookmarks pane and all is OK.


      However, I use the search-index feature a lot -- I have a .idx file indexing a bunch of PDFs, and I search through the PDFs with that index.


      If I search for something, then select a search link, the file opens with Bookmarks pane open.  If I close the Bookmarks pane after having searched for something, *kaboom*.  Reader crashes.


      BTW it also crashes if I resize the window -- so I can't even increase the page size without closing the Bookmarks pane.


      I'm going to see if a co-worker can use her copy of Acrobat Pro to edit the files, close the Bookmarks pane, and re-save the files.  But in the meantime this is a very annoying bug.


      Running on Vista Home Premium SP2 32bit.