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    channel definition question

    Steve Pruitt

      I still cannot get things to work.  I have a very simple client sending down a simple object via rtmp.  I cut the services-config.xml and data-management-config.xml files down to the bare essence of what I think I need.


      The channel definition has the endpoint:  rtmp://{server.name}:2038.  My data-management-config.xml sets this channel as a default.


      My initial test in my Flex client is createItem.  The message seems to be sent to the server as far as I can tell by looking at tcpmon.  On the server, I have a custom Assembler - which according to the server log is instantiated.  I switched on several Flex logging patterns and crank the level to Debug.  I noticed the log entry:


      [Flex]Endpoint 'my_rtmp' created with security: None at URL: rtmp://{server.name}:2038


      The server name has not been mapped.  I thought {server.name} was mapped at run-time.  Is this an incorrect assumption, should I change it to an explicit host name?


      Its difficult determing what exactly is the problem, so any suggestions on tracing down issues with lcds is greatly appreciated.


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          Alex Glosband Adobe Employee

          Hi. You are correct that {server.name} will be set at runtime by the client application. The hostname in the request URL that was used to load the SWF in the browser is what replaces the {server.name} token in the channel URL. That log message you are seeing on the server is normal.


          If you haven't tried turning on client side logging that can also help when debugging issues. Here is information on setting up client side logging from the BlazeDS documentation (you should also be able to find the same information in the LCDS docs).




          Hope that helps.



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            Steve Pruitt Level 1

            Configuring Flex logging at least provided a start to figure out what is wrong, but its still a bit obfuscated.  It looks like a server problem.  I searched on the one line that looks appears to be the error message.  Some hits, but no real solution.  I think there is some underlying issue still with my configuration, or something.


            'ds-producer-DocumentPart' producer connected.
            Disabling auto-connect timer - connected: true
            'ds-producer-DocumentPart' producer acknowledge of 'BAD229B0-2DDE-AFD2-E74D-888B4F7CA6DC'.
            'ds-producer-DocumentPart' producer fault for 'BAD229B0-2DDE-AFD2-E74D-888B4F7CA6DC'.
            Dispatching fault event for destination: DocumentPart
            Finished calling fault handlers for destination: DocumentPart
            The adapter says not to throw unhandled faults, so NOT throwing unhandled fault: [RPC Fault faultString="There was an unhandled failure on the server. javax/transaction/SystemException" faultCode="Server.Processing" faultDetail="null"]
            'ds-producer-DocumentPart' producer acknowledge of 'B748B87B-3C77-644D-E23E-888B4FBAC928'.