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    Flash movie in IE modal window freezes



      We have a Flash application, written in AS 2, that presents system simulation to learners.  During the process we present "audio popups" using External Interface to call a JavaScript function that ultimately calls window.showModalDialog (It's for a corporate environment that requires IE).  The page it opens contains a flash file. When one of these audio popups occurs on the first step of the simulation, the flash in the popup is frozen.


      Is anyone aware of a scenario that could cause files in modal windows (or possibly just 2 Flash movies on the same page) to freeze up?  The file loads, but doesn't play beyond frame 1 and is unresponsive if there is a button.


      I can change the Flash file in the popup and the result is always the same, so it's not the file in the popup.


      I've replaced the Flash file on the root page with a simple launch file that only calls the popup and it works fine.


      Also replacing the modal window with a window.open seems to work as well, but right now we'd like to continue using the modal.


      Possibly worth noting, if the modal window is open for too long, I get a "A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to run slowly...." notice when I close the popup.  Not sure if it's related.


      Thanks for any help,