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    Problems with embedded font with medium or heavy weight


      Hey guys,

      I'm switching a current Project from Flashbuilder Beta2 to the Flashbuilder final release.

      I have a big problem concerning embedded fonts. The fonts I have to use are Futura Com Medium & Futura Com Heavy.


      Here's some of my code:


           src:                        url("assets/fonts/FuturaCom-Medium.ttf");
           font-weight:               normal;
           fontFamily:                 myFuturaMedium;
           advancedAntiAliasing:       true;
           embedAsCff:                 false;
           fontFamily: myFuturaMedium;
           color: #ff0000;    



      this worked well in beta2, but I'm not able to get the embedded Font working in the datagrid with the Flashbuilder final release.


      Any help on using embedded fonts in a mx|Datagrid is highly aprechiated.