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    Pop-Up Windows

    jasper24 Level 1
      I'm working on a flash site that contains several buttons, each of which should open a different pop-up window.

      I've found several scripts to enable me to open pop-up windows from my flash files; however, they all rely on the HTML file housing the flash to specify the URL of the pop-up. If I want the option of opening different pop-up windows from the same flash file, how do I do this?

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          firstly dont use pop-ups without a very good reason - EVERYONE hates them. Secondly when you say flash site is everything contained within a swf? or are the buttons individual small flash files? In the first instance I would instead consider using the very nifty pop-up component in flash - way cooler and a lot less annoying.
          Its dead easy to use just check the help files.

          In the second instance or if pop-up component is inappropriate you will have a little more difficulty...I would abandon the idea of a pop-up if you can and suffice with a new blank page by using the _blank option when setting your url

          Also if you dont know how to link in flash check the help but its basically this -

          var myformat:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
          myformat.url = " http://www.samdl.com";

          mytext.html = true;
          mytext.text = "Go Here";

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            jasper24 Level 1
            I didn't want to use pop-up windows, but couldn't figure out how to do what I wanted to do without them...

            But anyway, it's the first option - the buttons are each symbols within the same flash. The pop-up windows themselves are separate flash files. I tried looking this up in the help section but am not having any luck searching for "pop-up" - any other thoughts as to what search query I should use?