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    Elements vs. Vegas Platinum?

    csgaraglino Level 1

      So I have been chugging along with PRE and getting stuff done, but I am struggling with the amount of hardware that is required. I have PRE on a server and a laptop, but on both things are running very slow.


      I have asked for help and received a lot of good information that made a difference, but the fact of the mater is that it is STILL TOO SLOW to produce anything over three minutes.


      I have been evaluating Vegas Platinum and I am very happy with it's performance. I am even able to cut HDV across a network quickly and effectively.


      Right now I am not seeing any features in PRE compelling me to stick with PRE and deal with the painfully slow processes.


      What are your thoughts - all of them - I really want to know what (if anything) makes PRE better?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is aimed at Premiere Pro, but may help
          A link with many ideas about computer setup http://forums.adobe.com/thread/436215?tstart=0

          Work through all of the steps (ideas) listed at http://ppro.wikia.com/wiki/Troubleshooting

          If your problem isn't fixed after you follow all of the steps, report back with ALL OF THE DETAILS asked for in the FINALLY section, the questions at the end of the troubleshooting link... most especially the codec used... see Question 1


          Again... report back with ALL OF THE DETAILS asked for in the FINALLY section

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            csgaraglino Level 1

            Thanks John,

            Most of that is Pro specific and what is not I have already tried. Bill has been a huge help in getting me the point I am at now.


            Here more for the observation:


            I have a Dual Core 3.1ghz server with 4gb ram, Nvidia 1gb video running Server 2003 and I can get things done - but it's slow with rendering on and if I turn it off, I can really watch the monitor effectively without manually rendering (again slow) and this machine WILL NOT capture HDV without PRE complaining if not locking up. I have to use HDSplit to capture.

            I have a Gateway FX P-Laptop with Dual Core 2.9ghz 4gb ram, 1gb Nvidia video running Vista 64 and this is even slower here - but if I PRE does not complain about the video driver I can get things done - just takes forever.


            Both machine running 7200 rpm SATA drives (laptop has 2 and the server as 4) - editing movie files on the respected machines HD (not over the network).


            I also have a 5-6 year old Toshiba Laptop a single core 1.6ghz, 2gb ram, single 80gb IDE 5400rpm hard dive running Windows XP that WILL NOT rune PRE at all.


            However, it runs circles around both machines above with Vegas Platinum, even on WiFi with the movie files on the network server! It is truly night & day.


            I have only had Vegas running for 24hrs so I am not proficient in it as I am with PRE, but I created a simple project in minutes last night where it would have taken me hours with PRE.


            I just want to make sure that I don't shoot myself in the foot as far as functionality is concerned.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I cannot comment on Vegas, as it is one NLE that I have never had, nor even seen.


              If you are getting much better performance from it, and do not find features that count for you missing, I would go that route instead.


              I am surprised that you can edit across the network with WiFi, as even on a gigabit NIC, I cannot stand the slowdown, when trying to edit from my NAS. However, maybe I am less patient?


              Still, I always recommend that users go with what works best for them, though I do love my Adobe programs, and use them extensively.


              At least glad that we could offer a little help along the way, though, as that is what we strive for.


              Good luck, and happy editing,



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                csgaraglino Level 1

                See this is where Vegas seems to shine... It is NOT always in "rendering" mode, nor does it need to "render" to get a great preview in the monitor.

                Now, with that said, running across the network was only for testing. When I did finally save the project as a movie, it was much faster to have the source files locally rather than on the network.


                But here is the cool thing. The dirve with the sorce files are on the server on Drive K:\ I also have Drive K:\ on my two laptops mapped to this source drive.

                So no matter what machine I am using Vegas on for editing, the Vegas project always see the source files. When I was ready to save the movie, I used the server (local drive) to process and voloa, the laptops were free'd up to do other projects... Worked out very sweet!


                Now this was a simple project - so I have not produced anythihng complex, but I will over the weekend and then I'll know what features I am missing (or not).