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    .dlx-files not loading in PPro CS5

    pvpcom20 Level 1

      Hi Community,


      just upgraded from PPro CS4 to CS5 (no Trial). I tried to move the .dlx-videofiles from my Sony DSR-DU1 HDD Drive to PPro CS5 and it says "File Format not supported". The same file on the same machine worked just an hour ago with PPro CS4. Officially .dlx-files are supported (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premierepro/cs/using/WSd79b3ca3b623cac97fa024001235833a568-800 0.html), but i can't load them into PPro CS5.


      Though Adobe states that .dlx-files are supported they can't be imported to PPro CS5.

      What is the problem?


      Thank you for your help.