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    attachment - pdf data is missing won't print or be viewed when forwarded to another email recipient




      The full issue is - first email recipient received an email that had our attached pdf form from our website, filled with data from the sender which could be previewed but printed as blank document form, the second attached pdf document printed without problem. Then forwarded to another email recipient and previewed same pdf attachment and data was missing, tried to print it and data form was still blank. The second pdf document was viewable and printable. I noticed that the email appeared to be sent from a mac machine so I forwarded the same email and document to a mac user in the company and she could view the attached data filled pdf form but still printed a blank form. She was also able to view and print the second pdf form. The first pdf form is one that is generated from the website that works fine sent from other users (outside the company) filled with data, attached and is viewable and printed with data. It has been working before and after this issue. Is there something that we can try to get it to be viewable and printable for documentation that that outside user sent. I did manange to get a partial print screen from the orginal email recipient, it takes more than 3 pages to get all the details.


      Thanks for your help in advance.