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    Launching Flash Builder 4 Help takes 20 secs (ACH or browser)

    missionboy123 Level 1

      We have 5 flex developers on our team who are all running into the same issue with the dynamic help with Flash Builder 4.


      1) Hit F1 (display help section)

      2) Select a class in an mxml file (ArrayList for example)

      3) Click on the Related API (mx.collections.ArrayList) in the help section.

      4) It then takes 15-20 seconds for the page to display in Adobe Community Help (already running)

      5) If I switch the preferences to 'Open Help in Browser' it still takes 15-20 seconds for it to open in the browser.


      There's no CPU load during this waiting time.


      This is really hitting our productivity. This was instantaneous in Flex Builder 3.