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    Topics Disappear from Project Manager


      Please help!  And thank you in advance....


      We are running Robohelp HTML 8.0.2 with Version Control.  I have four other writers and we work on the same project.


      Topics will randomly disappear from a folder; yet the .htm files are still in the working directory.  Even if we do a get latest version the topics do not appear.  We have tried importing the .htm files into the folder (from the working directory), check them in  and the topics will appear but after an exit of the program and then going back in, the topics are gone again.


      Any ideas, thank you.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I am wondering if before 802 was applied your project got messed up and the version control source is still wrong.


          Take a look at Opening Projects on my site. There is information there on fixing projects caught by the bug that lead to 802 being released. Maybe something there will prompt a thought.


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            pmcg56 Level 1



            Thank you so much for responding.  The 802 was applied before we started the

            project.  I'll take a look at your site.


            Again, thank you for the help.



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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              I doubt the article will be relevant then. Sounds more like a source control issue so hopefully one of the source control gurus can step in.


              There are some files that should not be checked in, see Snippets on my site. Could that be involved?


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                Amebr Level 4

                Definitely ensure the cpd is not stored in source control.


                Additionally, we've found that the file causes problems when multiple users work on a project. For example:


                User A adds three topics to the project.

                User B opens the project but doesn't see the new topics. This is because their cpd file doesn't know about them and so ignores them. (At least, this is my conjecture from a number of experiments.)


                We've made a point of not having multiple users working on one project at the same time - we have a modular product system, and thus modular (merged) help, so generally this isn't an issue for us. Before we work on a project we delete the cpd file, then open the project. This ensure the cpd file is rebuilt and will incorporate all changes, including new and deleted files, that may have been made by other users. The downside is this can take a long time in large projects.


                It's possible you need to work concurrently, and unfortunately I can't offer any advice in this instance. Deleting the cpd before opening the project each day would at least ensure the day started in a 'good' state. In RH8 you can also have RH automatically delete the cpd so you don't have to remember to do it - it's a setting in Tools > Options I think.