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    error message regarding compilerMixer.ccp-69

    4anue Level 1

      Here's more information on the error message I reported earlier, which no one addressed:  I tried to save a portion of a PE7  project on my timeline as an avi and I got an error message with a very vague pathname ending in CompilerMixer.ccp-69.  Does anyone recognize this or have a fix?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I have not read of this error, and apparently neither has Google, as your post of only two, and the only one in English. Oh, there were two in an Asian language, but I did not translate those.


          Now, in the other (German?), there was a reference to this Adobe KB Article, that talks about a Stereo Master with Mono sources only. Not sure if this applies. It is also for PrPro, but there are some strong similarities in elements of the code for the two programs.


          Can you furnish more details on your Audio, both the Project's, and then your Audio source files? Might be something there.


          Looks like an error when doing the mix-down to the Project's Master Track.


          Good luck,



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            4anue Level 1

            The project is a standard NTSC video project and I tried to save a Microsoft AVI, workbar only, with audio and video using Export option on File drop down.  I'm running Windows 7 and have not had this exact problem before. I uninstalled Prel7 and reinstalled, and then I was able to export the avi once, and when I tried again, I got these error messages again.  I was able to copy the segment I wanted from one project timeline to a new project timeline, but I had the same shutdown issue with the new project.


            error messages.jpg

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              With the mention of a C++ Runtime Error, something else might be going on. This PrPro-Wiki FAQ might have some useful tips.


              There are also a couple of Adobe KB Articles on C++ Runtime Errors. Most point to downloading an installing an updated MS Runtime Library from the MS site for your OS version.


              Hope that something helps, and good luck,