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    Repeater is Not Executing

    Klajdi_Karanxha Level 1


      I'm working on a Flex application with many nested modules and fairly complex Cairngorm architecture.

      In the main application I load a module which contains a Repeating vBox component, which has othe components inside.

      An event is triggered when the module is initially loaded and fills the repeating vBoxes with content coming from xml file.

      the code is like that:



                      <mx:ViewStack id="mainView" childIndexChange="(sectionChanged(event))" width="100%" height="100%">
                               id="sectionRepeat" repeatEnd="{tabContainer.selectedIndex = 0}"  dataProvider="{model.dialogue.sections}" >
                                  <components:DialogueSection section="{sectionRepeat.currentItem as DialogueSectionVO}"/>



      I know that the problem consists that the function is accessing the Repeater item with currentItem but getRepeaterItem() still doesn't work for me.


      I get a Repeater is not Executing Error and then everything continues to work fine after I press Dismis All.


      Please, anyone can suggest a solution for that?