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    Can I create a Search within one topic?

    LPMichael Level 1

      Here is my challenge:

      (1) Building WebHelp for a web-based data application in (I also have one member working on 5.0.1)

      (2) The web-based data application has 1530 data definitions

      (3) The Product Manager would like the ability to perform a search for a data defintion by allowing the user to enter text and then initiating a search specific to the list of data definitions and not including the entire application help (i.e., a search on one topic or a collection of topics)


      Not sure if this is possible. I would like to:


      (1) Have one primary topic with the name of every data definition in the application (again 1530 of them)

      (2) Have an entry field where the user types part of the data definition name and allow them to click a button to initiate the search

      (3) Put the user at the first item that matches their search

      (4) Each item would be a hyperlink to the actual data definition - OR - have all data definitions on one page (YIKES)


      --- OR ---


      (1) Have a collection of topics with data defintions

      (2) Allow the user to enter search criteria and limit the results to the collection of topics related to the data definitions


      Is there an "in topic search control" or a search control that can be limited to one topic or a collection of topics?


      I have looked at setting up a form with a form field/text field and command button but I cannot find any substantive documentation on how this works or what I need to get it to work.


      Any suggestions?  As always, thanks for any input.


      Michael F Weart