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    Cannot build csawidexporter because flash.desktop.NativeProcess not found


      I am following the steps in getting-started-with-csawidexporter.pdf to generate new csaw libs for IDCS5.  I have the released build of Adobe Flash Builder 4.0 with ExtensionBuilder-1.0.0 installed.


      When I try step 1 in section "Generating the libraries", the compile fails on the following line


      import flash.desktop.NativeProcess;


      with error "1172: Definition flash.desktop:NativeProcess could not be found."
      I would think this means that I do not have the correct 'Flex 3.4.1 SDK with AIR 2.0 SDK overlaid.'  I'm not sure how to get this other than what was installed.


      Properties > Flex compiler has 'Extension Builder 3.4' selected.    The docs say that I need 3.4.1 SDK, but in Properties > Flex Build Path > LIbrary Path, my Extension Builder 3.4 lib has the path '/Applications/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\ 4/plugins/com.adobe.cside.flexsdk_1.0.0.201004211221/flexsdk/3.4.0' which indicates that it is 3.4.0 instead of 3.4.1.  Could this be my problem?  I'm not sure how I would have gotten this problem since it was presumably installed by installing Extension Builder.


      I could not find any info on what 3.4.1 includes to determine if indeed it has changes relevant to flash.desktop.NativeProcess.  Seems unlikely.  Is my SDK the problem?  Where would I get a new SDK?  Any other ideas of what could be the problem?  Any help would be appreciated.