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    Problem with screen size in Premiere Pro CS5?


      I'm making a movie in Premiere Pro CS5 and I've ran into a problem with the screen size. The source screen shows my footage in widescreen (16:9) but my project screen is playing the widescreen footage in standard size (4:3) so it is cutting off some of the footage from the screen. I would like to make my entire project standard size so how do I do that? (Most of the chopped off footage was adjusted in After Effects so does that have anything to do with it?)


      Thanks for any help you can give!
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Can you post more info. This ARTICLE will give you some tips, but as this is not likely a system issue, let's leave that for later. What would be useful is full Project/Sequence settings, and then on your source footage.


          It might be as simple as just doing Interpret Footage on your Clips, to force PrPro to see a missing flag for the PAR, or maybe something a bit more details. Your info will direct us.


          Good luck,



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            leducproductions Level 1

            The properties of the footage are:


            872 x 486
            00;00;25;00, 29.97 fps
            48000 Hz - 32-bit Float - Stereo


            The properties of the sequence are:


            Editing Mode: DV NTSC

            Timebase: 29.97 frames/second


            Frame Size: 720 horizontal 480 vertical 4:3

            Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1/DV NTSC (0.9091)

            Fields: Lower Field First

            Display Format: 30fps Drop-frame Timecode


            Sample Rate: 48000 Hz

            Display Format: Audio Samples

            Video Previews:

            Preview File Format: NTSC DV

            Codec: DV NTSC

            Width: 720

            Height: 480


            I'm also quite a beginner at Premiere Pro and basically all the Adobe programs, so are there any good websites (preferably free) that give good help and information for beginners like me?



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              jeremy d. Level 3

              If you want to fit your clip within the confines of the 4x3 sequence, you'll want to right-click the clip on the timeline and choose Scale to Frame Size. This will give you a letterbox.

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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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                leducproductions wrote:


                (Most of the chopped off footage was adjusted in After Effects so does that have anything to do with it?)



                Most likely the problem lies there.

                What is the original size of the footage.

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                  jeremy d. Level 3

                  If the 16x9 footage is getting cropped it's probably due to the difference in aspect between the 16x9 media and the 4x3 sequence. What he's describing is exactly what would happen in that case.


                  We need more details to go any further than that.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Thank you for that info.


                    It looks like others have given you the answers and the fix - Aspect Ratio and pixel x pixel mismatch.


                    Good luck,



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                      FlashGAB Level 1

                      One way is to go into the Project window and right click the clip used in the timeline, then click modify / interpret footage. Then you probably want to use the one that is DV/D1 NTSC (0.9091) which will be smaller pixels so the video will squeeze inward and be fixed horizontilly, or try the others if you end up with black bars on the side and go up in the pixel ratios to see if you can find the right one. Another way I figured on how to fix this was to add the transform effect to the video and scale it horizontally to the preview window size. Then just click on copy, then you can ctrl click on all the video clips you want to apply this to and then paste attributes.

                      I know exactly what he's talking about though. The old Adobe Premiere, Premiere 6.5 for example (the best one in my opinion) had an option when you click scale to fit, to maintain the videos aspect ratio or not. This way if you choose not to the video will fit perfectly into the preview box and export the same way. Unfortunately, to my disbelief, they actually just seem to have forgotten to program this into the last hm I don't know, every version of adobe Premiere since 6.5 lol. I actually stopped using Premiere after that just because they don't have that option anymore, not to mention somehow since 6.5 every premiere exported video I do takes 3-4 times as long to export as it did in 6.5 and not only that but the final product is of lesser quality than it use to be and I'm using the same codec O_o. Unfortunately for me Premiere 6.5 doesn't work on 64 bit systems : ( . Here are some other things you can do in 6.5 that you can't anymore.

                      1. Copy the video clip from the project window bin, then you could right click on video track or audio track and just paste the video or audio seperately.
                      2. When using the same Video Codec I could adjust Video Quality with the slider but now it's grayed out.
                      3. You could press alt+ctrl and click on the workspace area to set an in point, and alt+shift to set the out without having to move the slider location.
                      4. When you would click on a tool in the tools menu, there were different styles for that tool you could choose from, now you have to guess the key combo.
                      5. When you had one tool selected like razor, you could just press the alt key to temorarily switch to the arrow to move the clip, then let go to get the razor.

                      6. When pasting attributes, u could paste in the clip or just the attributes if you wanted.
                      7. While Exporting you could click minimize to minimize premiere, now you have to click windows button and show desktop.


                      As I think about it this list could go on and on and on but anyway, you get the idea. They have added a lot of things I like except they don't work right. For example being able to click on the clip in the preview window and resize it is great, except it doesn't snap to the edges so there's no use for it really : /. I waited for CS4 to come out hoping that this would all be added back in and fixed but it seemed to be the same as CS3, then waited for 5, and it seemed exactly the same. Very dissapointed, However I'm going to post these needed changes everywhere I can in hopes that someone from Adobe sees this and realizes that thousands of people, everyone I know that does graphic design, went to school with etc., actually started using Sony Vegas just because of these small unfixed mistakes alone. Honestly if they made an update to adobe 6.5 that would make it work on 64 bit systems, I would probably buy it.

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                        I have the same issue,

                        When I play it on MPC it has a small black bars on both sides, it's even worst I play it on phone, the video was shrunk, black bars all around it. I think it's because I did not choose the right canvas size?


                        I'm not very good at this so I just select 16:9 widescreen. 


                        The video shows up smaller than the actual screen and black bars around them. 


                        I already tried scale to frame. Same result.


                        I don't know what to search for when looking for tutorial.


                        I'm very new at this.  many thanks