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    Color Finesse issues and solutions

    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

      I just posted about some issues and solutions regarding Color Finesse 3 in After Effects CS5:


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               There is a fourth issue with regard to Color Finesse 3 le and CS5.


               I believe this will affect only education version purchasers (like me).


               The education version of any Adobe CS5 product (in UK) requires verification and when verified at Adobe the support team there send a serial.  My serial was for CS5 Production Premium so includes (or should) Synthetic Apertures Color Finesse v3 le.


               This wants a serial number.  Most other problems seem to be entering said serial number?


               I have not been sent one and I believe Adobe Support have no idea what this plugin is.  They keep insisting that installation installs a serial and I don't need one?   Is this the case with the retail version?


               I have only seen AE Cs3 and this had two serials, one for AE and one for Color Finesse.


               I believe Adobe Support are all at sea with this?  But that being said their flat refusal to understand then try to push to technical support is rather to rapid.


               Can anyone help out there in Adobe Land?  Perhaps someone from Synthetic Aperture?



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            Bob Currier Level 3

            You're correct that you need a separate Color Finesse 3 LE serial number, just as in CS3 and CS4. Unfortunately, I can't offer much more assistance as it's Adobe that issues those serial numbers.


            I hope that persistence with Adobe Tech Support will get them to realize that they are indeed responsible for getting you a serial number, and then fix the system so that other education customers are automatically issued one.


            Bob Currier

            Synthetic Aperture

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              getalex@blueyonder.co.uk Level 1



                   Thanks for a prompt answer and some assurance.  I have indeed taken a look at the Synthetic Aperture site and used some information from there to 'up the ante' in Adobe Support to request '2nd level support'  but I am not confident.   They do not seem to understand.


                   Personally I think this is a 'loophole' in Adobe procedures for academic software.  This is probably a small market?


                   Its not rocket science they need to issue the Color Finesse serial everytime they issue the CS5 serial for qualifying products.


                   If anyone from Adobe can help then I am happy to email them my case numbers?  All I need is the serial.




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                getalex@blueyonder.co.uk Level 1



                     This is your post.  Do you have anything to add?