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    Multiple computers question.


      Ok, I understand that I can install Adobe Master Collection CS4 on my laptop and my desktop. My confusion is if I can run both computers at the same time as long as only one is running an Adobe product, or should only one computer be on at a time? I think I know the answer, but I just want confirmation because I don't wanna screw up anything with a program worth as much as my current car. Thanks.

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          Hey Shazbot,


          Here you go....take from the EULA.


          2.4 Portable or Home Computer Use. Subject to the important restrictions set forth in Section 2.5, the primary user of the Computer on which the software is installed under Section 2.1 may install a 2nd copy of the software for his or her exclusive use on either a portable Computer or a Computer located at his or her home, provided that the software on the portable or home Computer is not used at the same time as the Software on the primary Computer. You may be required to contact Adobe in order to make a second copy.


          Hope that explains it....Was good for me to know as well.


          Hope it's worth the money!!


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