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    Images not updating

    jnwbr Level 1

      This was happening in CS4 and it's still there in CS5. If I have an image in my site and update it in Photoshop, DW does not show the updated version. I can go to my assets and hit refresh and that shows I just updated it (time-wise). The image on the page does not update and even removing the image from the page and replacing it does not show the update. Updating the site cache has no effect. If I view the page in a browser the updated image is there. Go back to DW and it's the old one.

      This doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen a lot.

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          Zabeth69 Level 5

          When you update images in Photoshop and they are already placed in your document in Dreamweaver, use the "round-trip" editing feature.


          Select the image you want to edit, open the HTML Property Inspector, and look for this button:


          If you have not designated the location of the Original image, you may do so (see the Original text box on the lower left, complete with browse button).


          Otherwise, the Edit PS button will open the image that you have placed (in my example, it is a .jpg).


          Do your edits and save and close the image in Photoshop. Now when you designate the location of the original image, your images will synchronize.


          You will see this icon on the corner of your image:


          If your image edits will not involve heavy-duty image manipulation in Photoshop, you can use the Infinity symbol button to the right of the PS button in the Property Inspector. With that button, you may re-optimize your image...change its size, the portion of the image that is used (cropping it), and the type of image that it is...jpg, gif, etc., as well as the amount of compression you want to use.


          Let me know if this is not clear!



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            Hi, This is the most frustrating aspect of Dreamweaver and also the most often asked about problem and I have yet to see an answer.



            Your suggestion involves use of the PS symbol next to the image. This symbol however is always greyed out or just not there. Whats more the "Cogs" symbol next to it , when clicked on brings an error message saying that the image cannot be found. This is ofcourse, incorrect because Dreamweaver knows exactly where it is and can preview it in a browser by right clicking it in the file list and can "edit in photoshop" by right clicking in the file list.


            Not only does this not work, but I fail to see why anybody would want to "Edit" and image that they are using on a site.


            The most frequent scenario, and also the way I, and everybody I know, works is that you open an .html file in Dreamweaver.

            One of your images needs to be "Replaced" not edited. You find the image, open it in Photoshop if you like, resize, alter, do what you require, and then you save the image over the top of the previous image i.e. you "Replace" it.

            You then upload the changed image (with the same name) to the site and the live site instantly shows the new image.


            The html file that you have open in Dreamweaver (local file) however, will not refresh no matter how many times you hit refresh. you can re-download the file as many times as you like. The local file WILL NOT show the new file. It has been this way since CS. The only way to make it show the new file is to close Dreamweaver and open it again.


            This means that If you decide that you have to use Dreamweaver to update your site. You have to make ALL of the changes to your images and save them all to their respective places BEFORE you open Dreamweaver.


            I find this behaviour astonishingly surprising, especially at CS5 level yet I have been following this for years and no-one from Adobe has ever admitted to the bug and know-one I have ever read in any forum has been able to get an answer to it.


            I really would like to hear from anyone who thinks they have finally worked this one out or at least a workaround that doesn't involve closing Dreamweaver and opening it again everytime you change an image.

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              jnwbr Level 1

              This is it exactly. In addition, even though the file never updates visually on the page the modification date in the local view does show that it is updated. So if you take the image off the html page then drag it back on (from the list) it shows the updated version. Since this behavior has been around for a while I can't believe this bug was never caught in Pre-Release.