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    how to manipulate Rich text Editor's font size

    vineet osho Level 1

      Hello Friends

                          i am making a chat application in Air 1.5.i taking rich text editor control for input the message and <mx:html> </mx:html> control for displaying text in htmlText format.but the font size set by rich text editor at the time of inputting the text is 10 which is quiet different of 10 size of <mx:html> control.so i have to manipulate the rich text editor font size when i send the message.so that it looks like similar to text input message after we broadcast that message to <mx:html> control.I think there is diffrence of 7 i mean to say:-

                10 font size of Rich text editor=3 font size of html control.


      so how can i manage my rich text editor control plz help me out.


      Thanks And regards

            vineet osho