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    adobe 9.3.2 on windows vista-is it compatible?


      im work in an automations shop in the US ARMY and alot of DA and DD forms are .pdf forms. we have migrated all of our machines to Vista and just recently had the problem of not being able to open .pdf forms after we installed reader 9.3.2....we tried the earlier version but that stopped working as well...so i have to questions:


      1.Is adobe reader 9.3.2 compatible with a Windows Vista system?

      2.how can i fix the .pdf issue....



      when selecting a .pdf form it says ADOBE READER 9.3.2 has stopped working

                                                        something in the system has caused reader to stop working properly.


      and the only option it gives you is to close the program.

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Reader 9.3.2 is Vista compatible. Did you do a clean install of VISTA or did you upgrade Vista from XP? Clean installs are a better idea. Too many problems occur with an upgrade.

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            vbhv_malik Level 1

            Reader 9.3.2 is surely compatible with Windows Vista.

            I think, the problem you are facing is similar to a forum post I saw somewhere. According to that, a possible solution is to create a new user and try opening a pdf file from that account.

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              armybeezy313 Level 1

              to get vista we have actually removed the harddrives from the laptops and had them reimaged from xp to vista...and when we get them back we would insert them in the computer and they would go through a "ghosting" process. we actually had not had this issue until 9.3.2 came out....one source told us that 9.3.2 was a security update, and our machines run on a government system, or a DoD network, where in order to log on you need a military ID and a valid account with IA Awareness Certification attached....in order to even install a printer you need admin rights...is it possible that the fact that its a security update have anything to do with it and the security of our network be causing it to malfunction the way it is....because right now we have resorted to reimaging the hard drive and have the user save everything of theres onto our share drive.