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    Request for Flex 4.5 (Hero) info

    AlucinariOlim Level 1

      Hey there -


      So... what's up with Flex 4.5?  I only saw references to it in the bug database and somehow came across this link:




      Even google seems to be failing me... So here are my questions:


      Is there a public site identifying the goals/features/changes for this milestone?

      Is there a target date for its release?

      Do the 4.5 nightly builds have much/any/important content that can't be found in 4.1?



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          David_F57 Level 5



          Flex hero is the next version of the flex SDK, and Burrito is the next full release version of Flashbuilder. Although you can get builds of 4.5 it is likely to cause issues with the current flashbuilder as it progresses in its development(similar to problems that occurred when using flex builder 3 and the flex 4.0 sdk). Whilst flashbuilder 4 and flex 4.1 sdk is still in active development I doubt that there will be much detailed information available on 'future' products.


          This is an interview with Andrew Shorten (Flashbuilder Production Manager) he breifly mentions the path of flashbuilder and flex.