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    Need to Toggle the Switch on user event


      I am trying to create the simple thing by closing the switch as in image2 to glow the bulb can i achive it using adobe?

      The image1 is actual state & when i close(on user event) the switch the state of the switch should change & bulb should glow.

      When again there is a user event the switch should be as in the image1.


              Image1Image2.JPGImage2       Image1.JPG

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, you can create this effect using Flash.  You can create the schematic inside a movieclip as two different frames, one showing the open circuit and the other showing the closed circuit with the bulb on.  Whatever event you intend can tell the movieclip to change frames based on whichever frame it is currently in.


          That was one approach, but there are a varoiety of ways to do this.